Information for Parents and Guardians

What are the Values Awards?

The Value Awards recognise and reward young people aged between 7 and 19 for their commitment to Olympic and Paralympic Values.

To work towards a Values Award, young people must take part in a series of activities and challenges which have been created around the Olympic Values of friendship, excellence and respect, and the Paralympic Values of inspiration, determination, courage and equality.
The aim of the Values Awards is to engage and enthuse young people and provide them with a much deserved accolade as a reward for completing set challenges and activities.

Award benefits

Young people are already so busy and you may wonder how they are going to fit this into their already crowded schedule! However, volunteering in the community, helping others and working towards completing pre-determined goals are all excellent accomplishments that all young people benefit from working towards. That is why so many young people are taking part in the Values Awards. Showcasing these personal achievements to family and friends or, later on, when applying for an FE or HE course or job application can make all the difference when institutes or hiring managers are making their selections.

What do these Awards involve?

With the help of their teacher or group leader, young people strive to complete one of the following Awards:

  • Values Stars
  • Values Champions
  • Values Ambassadors

Each Award is achieved by completing a series of challenges and activities until their Award is unlocked.

How you can help

Getting involved is easy.

Whatever activities your child has chosen to pursue for their Values Award, they will need your support and guidance to help them achieve their goal. You can:

  • encourage them with any activities they have brought home to do
  • engage with them if they ask for help with ideas for how they can volunteer in the community
  • offer lifts to help with any volunteering activities or other new activities they may engage in or if they require internet access via a public library where you do not have it at home
  • take part in any activities or initiatives that may be required of you with enthusiasm!

You can download the Award Summaries for each Values Award here when they are complete.