Bound for Beijing wants you to try our active Preventing plastic pollution game brought to you by the Environment Agency and the Preventing Plastic Pollution project!

Inspired by the old favourite, snakes and ladders, this new active board game 'Scarves and ski-lifts' will help pupils get active whilst discovering ways they can help prevent plastic pollution in their daily life.



  • Download and print the game board below
  • Two players (or more)
  • Counter (one per player) e.g. a coin, pebble or even a counter from another game!
  • Dice


The object of the game is to be the first player to reach the end by moving across the board from square one to the final square.

  1. Place all the counters on the 'Start' square (square one).
  2. Decide who goes first. Each player should roll one die to see who gets the highest number. Whoever rolls the highest number gets to take the first turn.
  3. Roll the die and move. To take your turn, roll the die again and read the number that you rolled. Pick up your game piece and move forward that number of spaces.
  4. The ski-lifts on the game board allow you to move upwards and get ahead faster. If you land exactly on a square that shows an image of the bottom of a ski lift (e.g. square seven), then you may move your counter all the way up to the square at the top of the ski-lift (e.g. square 19). 
  5. Scarves move you back on the board because you have to slide down them. If you land exactly at the top of a scarf (e.g. square 16), slide your counter all the way to the square at the bottom of the scarf (e.g. square 14).
  6. The square at the bottom of ski-lifts and the top of scarves have writing on them. If you land on a square with writing, read this out to the group and perform the action (e.g. Jump up and down and clap your hands).
  7. The first person to reach the 'Finish' square (square 49) on the board wins.