Recommended age group: 5–14
Time required: varies
Equipment: varies


Where to put your time capsule?

Creating a time capsule is great fun and can be done in several ways. Many people choose to bury their time capsules, and originally used metal capsules that were designed to stand the test of time. Here are a few tips for you to think about when putting together your time capsule.

  • If you decide to bury your time capsule, think about how to best preserve the contents. Use permanent markers to label things and enclose letters, photographs and degradable items in zipper plastic bags like freezer bags to prevent them from becoming damaged.
  • The time capsule does not need to be buried. Why not construct a time capsule that can be displayed in an entrance hall or cabinet for all to see?
  • You could make a digital time capsule and store it on your school intranet or website.
  • To remember where the time capsule is buried, mark the spot with a friendship garden using meadow flower seeds or draw a map and calculate a co-ordinate or grid reference.

How will your school or community know when to open it?

Set a date now and stick to it, even putting it in future school calendars. A memorable date can be a helpful aide memoire, such as the date of the next Olympic or Paralympic Opening Ceremony.


Help keep a record of your activity by sharing a showcase to describe your time capsule on the Get Set Community page. Remember to upload another story when you return to open it!