Recommended age group: 11–18
Time required: three or four 45–60 minute sessions (or independent learning team)
Equipment: Paralympic heroes resources.


Inspired by the success of Paralympics GB in the London 2012 Games, the high accessibility of the venues and the Paralympic Values, these resources are designed to expand students’ knowledge and understanding of equality and access issues within the context of their local community.

Project teams are working towards a presentation about how accessible your local community is now and what needs to change in order for it to be considered as a venue for a high-profile Paralympic sports event. Each project group needs to complete five tasks. The four support sheets will help to guide each project team through the tasks.

  1. Research the impairment categories included in the Paralympic Games and select a minimum of two categories. Research Paralympic sports and identify which sports are played by athletes with particular impairments. (See Support sheet 2:Know Your Stuff.)
  2. Identify and profile Paralympic role models for each of their selected impairment categories- athletes who inspire them perhaps by their courage and determination. (Support sheet 2: Know your stuff!)
  3. Consider carefully the impairments and sports they wish to concentrate on and survey the local community to assess how accessible and inclusive it is for people with those impairments. For example would a wheelchair user feel equally able to eat in a local restaurant or have a snack in a café? Could a visually impaired spectator or volunteer use public transport comfortably and access facilities at a local visitor attraction? Does your community demonstrate the Paralympic Value of equality? (See Support sheet 2: Know your stuff.)
  4. Make recommendations about how local facilities for disabled people could be improved so that they would feel more equal and welcome in the community. What, in terms of access and inclusion needs to change in order for the community to be ready to host a great Paralympic sports event? (See Support Sheet 3: Get Set to write your presentation)
  5. Prepare a presentation, including their top recommendations for improving accessibility in their community, lasting no more than six minutes to convince listeners that the community could be ready to become a great venue for a Paralympic sports event and an inclusive, accessible location for Paralympic athletes to stay and to visit, whilst promoting their sport. (See Support sheet 3 Get Set to write your presentation.)


Hold an accessible community sports day. Use the What is Goalball or What is Boccia resources to explore new Paralympic sports.