Recommended age group: 7–19
Time required: two 45-60 min sessions/ independent learning time
Equipment: N/A


Students should develop ideas of their own about what to include and how they would like to present the information/exhibition, but you could encourage them to include basic information and images, models or designs to inform people about:

  • The host nations culture and climate
  • The venues
  • The sports
  • The mascots
  • Team GB and ParalympicsGB athletes

You could choose to create a presentation in school and invite members of the community (including parents) in to enjoy it, or put up an art exhibition in a community space, such as the library, leisure centre or a local supermarket.

  • Identify a team of young leaders from across the year groups involved who could lead the project.
  • If you are lucky enough to be near an ice rink, snow dome or other winter sport facility, then consider using this as your exhibition venue.
  • Establish a time each day when the young people will be in attendance at the exhibition in the community.

Make it active

  • Consider adding a healthy, active lifestyles element by inviting the community to take part in a physical challenge as part of the presentation or exhibition, e.g. establish a one mile walk and invite young people and parents/community members to complete the total distance over the duration of the exhibition, each day showing the progress in miles from your school/college to the host city (maybe wearing hats, scarves, ski goggles, snow boots, etc, to set the scene).
  • If you have access to an exercise machine, such as a cross trainer, treadmill or skier you could include this in your presentation or exhibition and invite the audience to have a go for a set time each day. If not, try a 'skipathon' and invite the audience to skip for a minute or two. Keep a tally of total time spent / distance travelled by pupils and the community.
  • If visits to an ice rink or snow slope are possible, record the distances completed by the young people whilst participating in the activity and invite other community members to join in - skating, skiing, snowboarding, etc - and add this to the community total (wear pedometers or estimate distances).