Travel to Tokyo wants you to try a range of exciting challenges and activities brought to you by the official Olympic and Paralympic Games sporting bodies! Try a game of volleyball with Volleyball England or practise your table tennis skills with Table Tennis England. Get started today!


British Judo

Travel to Tokyo wants you to try unique judo-related exercises brought to you by British Judo. Try one unique challenge or master all five to top the podium and become a judo champion.


Boccia England

Travel to Tokyo wants you to try the Virtually Boccia activities, brought to you by Boccia England. Get introduced to the sport and have a go at playing boccia at home or at school with these fun games! Download them below to get started. 


Archery England

Take part in our archery or bean bag challenge by watching the video below!

Schools wanting to bring more of archery’s benefits to students can find a range of useful resources here.


Badminton England

Travel to Tokyo wants you to try The Racket Pack activities brought to you by Badminton England. Simply watch the video below to get started!


Rounders England

Rounders England would love for you to enjoy a summer full of fun, running, catching and hitting!

We have a great activity for you to try called ‘Round and Round’. How quick can you throw the ball around the pitch two times? You can play this in your PE lesson, at lunchtime with friends or after school.

Watch the video below and use the activity sheet to help you set up the activity. 


Volleyball England

Dig. Volley. Head. Catch!

To celebrate the launch of its new national junior volleyball programme Volley2s, Volleyball England has teamed up with Travel to Tokyo to encourage you to try this tricky dig-volley-head-catch challenge.

Listen to National Team Volleyball Player Carla Hulme explain how to get started!

If you are interested in introducing volleyball to children aged 7-11 at your school, you can find out more about Volley2s and download a free, comprehensive guide here.


Table Tennis England

Why not try the TT Kidz Floor Bounce Challenge with your pupils (watch the video below).