Recommended age group: 5–11
Time required: 10–30 minutes
Equipment: simple classroom equipment – pens, balls, music


The Travel to Tokyo challenge is all about getting young people active together with their families. The challenge from Team GB, ParalympicsGB and Sport England uses the inspiration of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games to get 5–11s and their families moving, aiming to build lasting active habits.


Schools create teams for each class. Pupils log activity completed inside and outside of school against their teams to help their team meet weekly goals (the ‘current goal’). Pupils are particularly encouraged to do activity with family to help meet their goals and increase their team totals. Pupils, teachers and families can follow the progress of the team and school using the Team and School Dashboards. Teams who meet or exceed their targets are in with the chance of winning prizes, including athlete visits and take-home prizes like skipping ropes and speakers. Local leisure facilities are also supporting the challenge – look out for free sessions and places where pupils and their families can log activity.


We are all starting our journeys to healthy active lifestyles from different points. The Travel to Tokyo challenge recognises this, encouraging everyone to improve their personal best, working towards the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines on children’s physical activity.

  • Aim for 10 – get active in busts of at least 10-minutes
  • Be a Half Hour Hero – aim for 30 minutes at school, 30 minutes at home every day
  • Hot and Sweaty – push beyond your comfort zone, aiming to Breathe Faster and even get Hot and Sweaty

Travel to Tokyo encourages pupils and their families to get active together by trying new things and having fun. This doesn’t have to be a sport – we want pupils to find ways to move that they can enjoy together with their families.

Create TEAMs

Teachers/school staff can create teams for free. They will need to be registered on Get Set (free). We recommend one team per class. Once teams are set up, pupils and families can log activity easily without an account or code. Teachers/staff can also manage teams as and when things change. Visit the Manage Teams page to start your journey. You can also use the Team Goals sheet with your class to help them think about their team identity and focus their efforts throughout the challenge.


To get started, familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of the programme and the materials using the How To presentation to introduce other staff members to the challenge. Use the Class Introduction presentations (KS1/KS2 available) to launch the challenge with your pupils and deliver the activities below.


Travel to Tokyo is all about improving your pupils' activity levels by encouraging them to get active with their family and peers. To start, create a baseline of where your pupils' activity levels are currently at, and encourage them to identify people who could support their journey towards activity, using the My Active Circle activity sheet.

Involve families

Invite pupils' families to join in the journey by giving pupils the active challenges and encouraging them to complete and log activity at home. Encourage pupils to explore the importance of Business Cards in Japanese culture, and use these to formally invite their family members to take part.

CREATE a display area

Remind teams to stay active and get the whole school involved by creating a prominent display using the Travel to Tokyo Poster. You can follow the progress of the whole school using the School Dashboard – and see which teams are on track to meet their target.

Beat personalised WEEKLY Targets

Every week, we will release a new goal. Teams can see their personalised target and the time remaining on their team dashboard page. Teams who meet/exceed their target will have the chance to win great prizes.


The Tokyo Ten activities are quick and easy 10-minutes activities that count towards daily activity – perfect for a quick energiser in class or for pupils to complete as an active homework challenge.


Promote local opportunities to get active, including opportunities via participating leisure centres.


For more amazing ways to get active, check out these programmes:

Share your school’s journey on @GetSetCommunity #TravelToTokyo or create a showcase on the Get Set website.