Travel To Tokyo - frequently asked questions

What is Travel to Tokyo?

Travel to Tokyo is a programme for schools designed to help children and their families to get active together, try new things and most importantly: have fun. It’s all about team spirit and building a habit of physical activity, rather than focusing on competition. The challenge uses the inspiration of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, encouraging children to explore Japanese culture and the preparations athletes make as they begin their journey towards Tokyo.


Who is it for?

Travel to Tokyo is aimed at primary schoolchildren and their families. The primary audience is children aged 5-11, but don’t let that stop you from getting involved!

Anyone can take part online but only schoolchildren and their families attending schools in the UK for primary aged children will be eligible for additional offers, rewards and incentives.


How can I get involved?

Travel to Tokyo is all about team spirit, so all participants have to belong to a school team. These have been automatically created for every primary school in the UK so you can immediately start logging activity against your team. You can get active alone or with family, at home or outdoors. Dancing in the kitchen, video workouts in the lounge, walking in the park or playing tag - it all counts towards your team score!

You can find fun, free activities to help you get active indoors or in the garden here.

We are also making plans to partner with local leisure centres to help provide support and guidance on how to get active – check back soon!


How do I find my school?

Find your school by searching the school postcode (please ensure to use a space between the two parts), if you don't know it you can ask your teacher or look it up online. If your postcode isn't working, try just the first half of the postcode. If that doesn’t bring up your school either, please contact us.


How do I log my activity?

Go to the Log Activity page, find your school and team, and you’ll be able to log your activity. First, select the type of activity that you did (if it doesn’t fit into any of the categories, just choose “Other” and you’ll be able to describe your activity). Next, tell us whether you enjoyed it, how long it lasted and how hard you worked. Finally, add the people who took part with you, and you’re ready to submit your activity towards your team goal! If any of the sections are unclear, you can click the (i) icons for extra information and tips.


What is the Team Dashboard?

The Team Dashboard contains all your team stats: the totals of all the sessions recorded for your team, including how long an average session lasts, how much people tend to enjoy activities and how hard they work. It helps you see what activities are popular and what new things people could try, and it gives you weekly goals to challenge yourselves and grow.


What is the School Dashboard?

The School Dashboard contains all your school stats: all activity recorded against all your school teams, including how long an average session lasts, how much people tend to enjoy activities and how hard they work. It helps you see what activities are popular and what new things people could try. It also gives you a list of all teams within the school, allowing you to view each team’s dashboard.

Can I share my Team or School Dashboard with friends and family?

Yes, you can. Just click on “Share page” and you will get a direct link to your school or team dashboard.


Will there be rewards?

We want to encourage families to keep active together! As such, we will be awarding prizes to active schools, direct to families. Each week we set a new goal and there is a prize draw among teams that complete it. Should your school be randomly selected to win, a family will be chosen and sent a fantastic prize to their home. The prizes include skipping ropes, fitness trackers and shout outs from Olympic and Paralympic athletes, so get moving, do more and have fun!

To take part in the action, parents can simply sign up to our family newsletter via the Homepage or Log Activity page.

Travel to Tokyo was originally launched for schools in England only, but now it is available  to all families from schools within the UK. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are now also eligible for prizes and athlete shout outs! Please see the Terms and Conditions for more information.

For parental rewards, you will be asked to submit a contact email address and be contacted via this to arrange delivery of your reward.


How can I find out more?

We have teaching resource packs for teachers providing inspiration for new activities to try and to find out more about Japan and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Can I edit or change teams?

Only teachers/school staff registered on Get Set can modify or set up teams. There is no limit to the number of teams in a school, and you can add, edit, deactivate and re-activate teams. All teams will be displayed on your School Dashboard, and each team will have its own dashboard showing the combined activity of all team members. Alternatively you can use the pre-set up school team which is allocated to every eligible school.


I have moved to a different school, what do I do?

No problem!

If you’re a teacher, you can just register with your new school email address to access all the Get Set and Travel to Tokyo resources. There is unfortunately no way to change the email address associated with an account.

If you’re a pupil, just enter your new school’s postcode on this page, select your team and you can start logging your activity.


Who are the programme ambassadors?

We’re very lucky to have six fantastic ambassadors supporting the programme: Team GB athlete Laviai Nielsen, Olympians Anthony Ogogo and Helen Glover MBE as well as Paralympians Abdi Jama, Natasha Baker MBE, and Will Bayley MBE. Beat your team’s weekly target, and your school could be in with a chance of winning a shout out from one of these or other local sports stars!