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TT Kidz virtual championships

Travel to Tokyo wants you to try TT Kidz Virtual Schools Championship, so we're offering you an exclusive opportunity to win a virtual athlete experience with Paralympic table tennis star Will Bayley. There are multiple visits to be won!

TTT Kidz Virtual Schools Championship is a national competition that allows schools to register year groups as teams to complete fun, inspiring and engaging challenges.

We want you to:

  • try the Floor Bounce Challenge with your pupils (watch the video below)
  • enter your email and log the challenge as activity below by 28 May.

Your school will then be entered into the prize draw, winners will be announced in June. Good Luck! 

Floor Bounce Challenge

Equipment and Space: Bat, ball and hula-hoop/markers. Hard flooring.

  • Either seated or standing, students bounce a ball on the floor inside a hoop or marked area as many times as possible within 30 seconds.
  • For each bounce within the hoop, students earn 1 point.
  • If the ball bounces outside the hoop, students can resume from the same number of points they were on.
  • A student can attempt the challenge any number of times. Their highest score will be counted.
  • Calculate the average score amongst all students that attempted the challenge. This is your overall team score for this challenge!


To log your activity, you need to belong to a team within a school. Once you’ve selected your school, all teams within that school are listed here. Select your team and you’ll be able to log your activity. Parents and children: if you can’t find your team, contact your teacher. Teachers: you can create teams on the Manage Teams page.

There are no registered schools in that postcode. Are you sure this is the right postcode?

There are no teams at your school yet. Why not ask your teacher to create one?

Please select a school.

What activity did you do?


Select the type of activity that you took part in. Most activity types should fit into one of these categories (e.g. swimming - In the Water). If your activity doesn’t fit into any of the categories, please select “Other”. You can then add details of your activity.

Did you enjoy it?


How much fun did you have doing this activity? Please select an emoji face to reflect your enjoyment.

How long did it take?


How long did you exercise for? Please select the number of hours and minutes. The maximum number of hours you can select is 3, and the minimum exercise time is 10 minutes. If your exercise time is in between values (e.g. 15 minutes), please choose the lower value (e.g. 10 mins). We trust you.

How hard did you work?


How did you feel while working out? Were you in your comfort zone (felt fine), did your breathe faster or get hot and sweaty? Click on the face or section that represents how you felt.

Please select how hard you worked

How many family members took part?


We really want you to be active with family, whether to you that's brothers and sisters, parents, uncles and aunties, grandparents, or anyone else. Click to add each adult and child who took part. If there were more than 5, click the + until it shows 5+.









Remember to check everything before you hit Submit.

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