With the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro upon the horizon, Outwood Academy Foxhills set their sights on a truly audacious challenge; to walk, jog and run the entire distance to Estádio Olímpico João Havelange (the Olympic Stadium) in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The 5,863 mile slog was completed over 1 single school week, with students given the opportunity to run in both VMG and PE lessons.
In order to achieve this almost implausible feat, it was imperative that the academy pulled together as one and adhere to an ethos in which failure was not an option. And this is exactly what they did. Students and teachers alike donned on their running shoes, set their alarms and flocked to school for early morning runs in order to clock up the miles. Not content with early morning runs, many students even opted for an additional post-school run which enabled the miles to gradually accumulate and edge them closer to their aspirational target.

Rio was eventually reached on the final day of the week much to the jubilation of the academy as a whole. However, despite reaching the colossal milestone, over 80 students opted to stay behind and continue to push their own physical and mental boundaries; clocking up over 100 extra miles! The commitment and determination of each and every person within the Outwood Academy Foxhills family that really caught the eye as they evidenced the true extent of what can be achieved when everybody works as one.