International Olympic Day is a birthday celebration marking the founding of the modern Olympic Games by Pierre de Coubertin and the setting up of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on 23 June 1894. The goal is to promote participation in sport across the globe regardless of age, gender or athletic ability, and the number of participants has steadily increased over the years.

On 23 June 2017, people of all ages and abilities – from Albania to Zimbabwe, Lausanne to Olympia – will celebrate Olympic Day by joining in a sport or cultural event.

Your Olympic Day celebrations

In previous years, children and their communities have enjoyed taking part in an Olympic Day fun run, learned new sporting and physical skills (such as skating, playing basketball and even circus skills) or have worked together to create murals, paintings, music or performance. Want help getting started? How about introducing Olympic Day to your school with our Olympic Day assembly? The presentation includes examples of Olympic Day activities from around the world! Or, for some ideas from closer to home, take a look at these suggestions from Get Set schools up and down the country:

Put yourself in the picture
The Olympic rings symbolise the coming together of nations to take part in friendly competition during the Games. Think about the symbols, mascots, or Values of the Olympic Games and what these mean to you. Last year the students and teachers of Oxley Park Academy in Milton Keynes came together to create a human version of the Olympic rings – could you create your own whole-school picture?

Get active
Olympic Day acknowledges participation in sport all over the world – what better way to celebrate than to get active yourself! Last year Carteron Community College held a huge Olympic-inspired sports day, inviting their five feeder primary schools to attend the day and compete. Each school represented one of the five continents of the Olympic rings as the local community came together to celebrate sport!

Try something new
There are hundreds of different ways to get active. Why not use Olympic Day as a time to try something new? The students at Kinlochleven High school love taking part in all kinds of physical activity, from running and football, to dance and Quidditch! Show the Olympic Value of friendship by hosting an open day at your sports club or team and inviting new members to join, or by joining a new team yourself!

Explore the Games
With the PyeongChang 2018 less than a year away, how about focusing this year’s Olympic Day celebrations on the Winter Olympic Games? Explore the history of winter sports, find out more about Korean culture, and Get Set for PyeongChang!

Share your story

Find out more about how schools up and down the country are celebrating Olympic Day and share your own school’s story of keeping active and sharing the Values with the Get Set Community! Just share a story on our website or send a tweet with #OlympicDay and mention @GetSetCommunity.