We celebrated the forthcoming Paralympics with an afternoon of 4 different activities for our whole school of 150 children based around the sports of Boccia, Goal-ball and sitting Volley-ball. Our 4 school house teams were renamed for the afternoon after.

Activity 1: Goal ball. Each house team passed the goal ball from the top of their line to the bottom and back up again while wearing blindfolds. Key skills were teamwork and listening. Quickest team won. Activity 2: Boccia. Each house team works in pairs to roll the Boccia balls towards painted numbers in the playground. Scores were recorded and team with the most points won. Activity 3: Sitting Volley ball: House teams played against each other, by making successful passes over the net. Winning teams played each other. Activity 4: Goal ball: Children worked in pairs (one of which was blindfolded). Their team mate had to give them instructions to navigate over hoops and hurdles, then kick the goal ball into the goal. House team with most points won. We also watched video clips of the games of Boccia, Sitting Volley ball and Goal ball from previous Paralympic Games. We also talked about the successes of the 4 British Paralympian’s and pictures of them in action. The afternoon was a super introduction to Paralympic sport, and some of our British Paralympic sports heroes.