What are the Values Awards?

Recognising and rewarding young people for living the values

The Values Awards challenge young people to understand, live, and share the Olympic Values of friendship, excellence and respect and the Paralympic Values of inspiration, determination, courage and equality.

Each of the Values Awards focuses on different ways of exploring the Values and are designed for students to complete independently at home or during spaces in the school day. Linked to the curriculum requirements of PSHE, Health and wellbeing, Citizenship and other related programmes of study in all UK schools, the awards help young people develop key life-skills and build their personal and social development.


These short introductions will give you an overview of each Award’s content. For a fuller guide to each activity, estimated timings and optional teaching ideas to support your introduction and delivery of the Awards download our Teacher’s Guide to the Values Awards.


The Values Stars Award is completed through a series of short, but thought-provoking online activities and challenges, each designed to help students to understand the Values and how they can apply to sport and their own lives. Students will complete the Know Your Values quizzes, explore Community with the stories of helping out at home and at school, test their knowledge of Olympic and Paralympic sports with the Healthy Active Lifestyles quiz and Make A Pledge to put the Values into action in their own lives.

The Values Stars Award will help young people to:

  • work independently (as far as possible)
  • understand how their actions can affect others in their school and community
  • develop resilience
  • set personal goals
  • gain satisfaction from trying their best.


The Values Champions Award involves a mix of online challenges and offline projects to complete at home or in school that all encourage students to think more creatively about and action ways of living the Values every day. Students will complete the Know Your Values quizzes and activities, explore their Community by making their own Olympic and Paralympic sport video tutorial, complete the Healthy Active Lifestyles challenge to increase their physical activity over a set period of time and Make A Pledge to continue to live the Values.

The Values Champion Award will help young people to:

  • work independently or inter-dependently with their peers
  • be creative
  • develop resilience
  • create personal goals and action plans
  • get active without being competitive.


The Values Ambassadors Award recognises and rewards young volunteers, challenging students to share the Values with others through their own community project. Young people can either record past/ ongoing volunteering activity (for instance for programmes such as DofE or Get Set for Community Action), or create and report on new volunteering work. After their project, students must also Make A Pledge and action plan to continue to put the Values into action in their own lives.

The Values Ambassadors Award will help young people to:

  • work independently or inter-dependently with their peers and, as far as possible, autonomously from teachers
  • be innovative and entrepreneurial
  • have resilience and solve problems themselves
  • create personal goals and action plans
  • strive to perform their best at all times.


The Awards have been designed with the following age groups in mind:

  • Values Stars – 7-11 year olds
  • Values Champions – 11-19 year olds
  • Values Ambassadors – 14-19 year olds

However, the materials for pupils do not mention age and teachers are encouraged to decide which Award might be most suitable for their students, differentiating according to need and abilities.