About the Values Awards

The British Olympic Association and the British Paralympic Association launched the Values Awards in summer 2015. Their purpose is to recognise and reward young people aged between 7 and 19 for their commitment to Olympic and Paralympic Values.

To work towards a Values Award, young people must take part in a series of activities and challenges which have been created around the Olympic Values of friendship, excellence and respect, and the Paralympic Values of inspiration, determination, courage and equality.
We want the Values Awards to engage and enthuse young people and provide them with a much deserved accolade as a reward for completing set challenges and activities.

Award benefits

These Awards are both inclusive and of great value and we hope young people will gain a tremendous amount from them. Volunteering in the community, getting active without being competitive, helping others and working towards completing pre-determined goals are all excellent accomplishments. Showcasing these personal achievements to family and friends or on a CV or job application can often be very valuable.

Some young people may of course already be working towards another award. Achievements made through these will also count towards a Values Award, allowing schemes to be done in conjunction with each other.

Getting involved

Getting involved is easy. Teachers’ and group leaders’ involvement is essential because you will be in control of distributing awards, but we’ve made sure your time involvement is minimal and that the admin process is straightforward.
So, how does it work?

There are three levels of Values Award:

  • Values Stars (ages 7-11) approximate time taken to complete – six weeks
  • Values Champions (ages 11-14) – twelve weeks
  • Values Ambassadors (ages 14-19) – over twelve weeks

Age guides are given as a rough guide only. We want teachers and group leaders to decide which Award is best for their own groups. The focus of each Award has been designed to be different: Values Stars is based on Understanding the Values, Values Champions on Living the Values as an individual and Values Ambassadors focuses on Helping others to live the Values.

Each Award is achieved by completing a series of challenges and across the three Awards these challenges progress both in terms of learning and application and understanding required.

Sharing your progress

Once you have embarked on the Values Awards, other schools would love to see how your group is getting on and you can find out how others are doing. You can view and upload showcase material here.
So, do your students have what it takes to complete one or more Values Awards? If so, set them the challenge and find out more about getting started or look at our FAQ page.