FAQs for the Values Awards

Can I mix up which Values Awards I use within my group?

Yes, although we have given rough guidance for age ranges, we hope that teachers and group leaders will consider their students’ needs and abilities when choosing which Award to undertake. Direct your students to the Award which is most relevant for them.

Is work transferable with other award schemes?

Yes. The challenges provided in the Values Awards may well link to other award schemes or projects, in particular because the themes and Values are relevant in young people’s wider lives. Some work undertaken in other schemes is recognised as prior learning for the Values Awards. These are:

Youth Sport Trust

  • Young Ambassadors
  • Inclusive Futures
  • School Rugby Ambassador

Sports Leaders UK

  • Level 2 in Sports Leadership
  • Level 2 in Community Sports Leadership
  • Level 3 in Higher Sports Leadership
  • Level in Sports Volunteering

Please note that prior learning must have been completed after the start of the 2014/15 academic year to count towards an Award.

Do the themes within a Values Award have to be completed in the set order given?
For all levels of Values Award, theme 1 must be completed first and theme 5 last. Values Stars should do the themes in the given order, but Values Champions and Values Ambassadors may do themes 2, 3 and 4 in any order. They may tackle the challenges at the same time or one after the other.

Does all the work need to be done online?
Values Stars challenge activities are all completed online. Values Champions complete a mix of online and offline activities and provide some evidence. Following some initial research, Values Ambassadors’ activities are all offline with a requirement to upload some evidence.

Is it possible to take part in more than one Award?
Yes, and there is no requirement for Values Awards participants to complete one level before moving onto the next. We have given rough guidance for age ranges for each Award only as guidance, and it will depend on students’ needs and abilities. After an Award has been completed, students will always have access to review what they have done. And who knows, maybe they will be inspired to take the next Values Award?

How can my group keep track of their progress?
Within each Award, students can view their progress online or download a checklist so that they can keep track of their progress through the challenges offline. Teachers may also use these (see the Teacher guide) and there is a specific grid available for teachers to see at a glance how the group is progressing within the Administration block – just choose the Course completion report within the relevant Award.

How can I keep track of my group’s progress?
It’s easy to monitor progress of students on the site. Simply click on the Award in question on your homepage, click on Reports and then Course completion in the Administration block and view all the information about participants’ progress in one place.
A notification will be added to your Values Awards homepage page when an individual in one of your groups has completed an Award. Depending on the Award, you should then review their work before marking their course as approved by ticking the Teacher column on the Course completion report page and unlocking their Award. Those challenges requiring review are marked in red in this view. Please note that you must choose the Award you are reviewing on the teacher homepage first to access this information.

When do I approve Awards and unlock student certificates?
Students are required to submit a pledge before their Values Award is complete. At all levels, teacher approval is required to unlock the certificate once all themes have been completed by students. At Stars level all challenges are online. At Champion and Ambassadors levels there is a mixture of online and offline activities requiring evidence. A notification will appear on the teacher homepage when students have worked through all themes of an Award and their work is ready to review.

To approve and release an Award to an individual, go to the Course completion report page within the Administration block within a course (for example, Stars). Find the student name and click on the magnifying glass icon to view their work for each challenge. Ensure that you are happy with the standard of the work submitted (challenges requiring review are marked in red) and tick the Teacher column to approve the Award. The certificate will then be released to the student. You may choose to download certificates as the whole group completes an Award – perhaps for a group presentation such as an assembly or group meeting. You can do this under Manage users in the Administration block.

What if not all my pupils have internet access at home?
Students will need access to the internet in order to plan for, complete or submit evidence for the challenges. It is recognised that some students will need to do this at school, either as part of a curricular project around the Values Awards or in extra-curricular time, if they do not have access at home or through local services (for example, a public library).

How do other schools introduce the concept of the Awards for the first time?
We have had feedback from schools to say that they have initially done this through a school assembly or through tutor time. Other options are to introduce the Values Awards to the school through PE lessons or after-school clubs.

I have another question.

If your question is not answered here, please contact us at getset@getset.co.uk and we will be happy to assist you.