Recommended age group: 5-11
Time required: Each challenge will take approximately 5 minutes
Equipment: A set of wheels – eg. a bike or scooter, cones or other small items to use as markers


The challenges below will help you discover and develop triathlon skills that will help you in your journey on the Path to Paris. Complete the challenges together or work through them one at a time. The choice is yours! 

Challenge 1 – Alphabet Explorers

Triathletes have to be comfortable on their wheels. Complete this challenge to see how good you are on a bike, scooter, or even roller blades! Draw out different letters of the alphabet in the playground, on the school field or in your garden using cones, socks or other small items. Make your way round the letters on your wheels! If you are on your bike, can you make your way round all of the letters without putting your feet on the ground?  

Challenge 2 – Triathlon Quest 

Triathletes have to follow a set course to complete their swim, cycle and run. Can you create a course and challenge your friends to follow it? Think of items beginning with letters from TRIATHLON that you can find at school, in your home or garden. Write down your items, then hide them in your classroom, home or garden, draw a map to show where they are and then challenge a friend or family member to find them. 
Want to do more? Here’s a third challenge to help you get even better on your wheels!

Bonus challenge – Roll With It 

Mark out a large circle with cones or socks (or whatever you can get your hands on). Travel round the circle on a bike or scooter 20 times at a steady pace. Once you have mastered rolling in one direction, turn and try it the other way. Gradually shrink the size of the circle until you can’t possibly make it any smaller and continue to repeat your laps. Watch out…if you’re a pro at this, you could be pretty dizzy by the end of it! 

Log your activity

Complete the challenges and log your activity to continue on your journey to Paris. Log before 3rd June to be in with the change of winning a class set of bike and scooter accessories from Micro Scooters!

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