Hometown: East Kilbride
Sport: Wheelchair curling
Event: Mixed
Games: Vancouver 2010, Sochi 2014

I like playing mixed curling but I think as the sport grows and more players play wheelchair curling then we may have male and female competitions, just like at the Olympics.

How did you get interested in Wheelchair Curling?

My family all curl so I was introduced to it at a young age - my Grandfather represented Scotland

What age did you start to do it?

I played for two years when I was a teenager, and I started wheelchair curling in 2004.

How long do you practice every day?

In our preparation for the Paralympics in March, we can be on ice for 5 hours a day, during a squad session. If I am doing a personal session it may last for 2 hours. We also do gym sessions and cardiovascular work.

What was it like competing at the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver?

It was an amazing experience. It is the pinnacle of any athletes career and something I will never forget.

What is it like being Skip for the GB team? What does this involve?

It is a real honour and privilege to skip the GB team. The skip is the player who decides what shot will be played by all the players and holds a brush for the player to aim at. I also throw the last stones for our team. Although I am the skip, it is a team sport and all the players have input in the game.

What is your daily diet?

As an elite athlete, I have to ensure I am well fuelled and hydrated for training, competitions and every day life. I eat a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and drink lots of water. During Games, I eat healthy snacks and drink water in order to feed my body and maintain concentration. I do have the occasional treat!

Who is your toughest opponent?

All the countries who will be competing at the Paralympics will have been working really hard and they will all be tough.

Were you interested in other sports before Wheelchair Curling?

I enjoyed carriage driving and competed in the World Championships for Disabled Drivers at Hopetoun House in Edinburgh in 2005.