Hometown: Cambridge
Sport: Skeleton
Event: Women
Games: Vancouver 2010

Power speed based sport, sprinters training, then learning to slide on ice

If you could be a superhero who would you be and why???
Not sure which superhero but I'd love to be able to fly and save on flights and air pollution!

What do you rate your chances of getting another medal at Russia?
I've retired but skeleton have a great chance!

Who do you think is our best medal hope?
Athletes in Skeleton, Speed Skating & Ski Slope Style

Have you ever had a scary moment on the skeleton or are you genuinely fearless?
You crash a lot when learning, still have scary days but you embrace the challenge!

What's it like being an Olympic athlete?
Great to achieve something for GB after a lifetime of hard work!

If you weren't a solo athlete, what Olympic team sport would you play?
Beach volleyball

How to focus better in training and blank out other things to get the most from training?
Takes years of training and experience to get the focus right

What's the worst injury you've picked up from sliding?
Ongoing back disk problems and multiple knee operations!

Apart from skeleton, what would be your hottest ticket for Sochi 2014?
Short Track and ski slope style are also hot tickets for Sochi 2014

What sort of things go through your mind when hurtling down the slopes? Or do you have to stay focused on what you're doing?
Stay very focused, thinking about what steers you are doing and body position

With the most competitive squad ever heading to Sochi 2014, what advice will you be offering the athletes as the ambassador?
I would tell them you're part of Team GB & you have all the support from the BOA. Keep your head down and focused on training

Do you think the Olympic legacy from London 2012 has spread to the Winter sports or is there a lot more work to do?
Yes, there has been increased interest & will be great to see the nation get behind the winter athletes

What music are you currently listening to?
Having visited Texas this summer, I'm mostly listening to a bit of country and western