For Olympic Day 2017 we aim to enable every child in the school to experience at least two sports they have never attempted before and help school children in Kenya at the same time!

Here at Widmer End CC School we are packing as many sports into one week as we can – 20 in total. From 4 to 11 year olds, every child is having a go at something new this week. Apart from the more usual football, netball, basketball, table tennis, rugby, swimming, rounders and cricket, we also have hula-hooping, badminton, kickboxing, golf, taekwondo-do, dance, Indian dance, archery, fencing, futsal, running, and ActiveGamerz! We are also creating an Enormous Crocodile to walk to school on Friday morning, by meeting at the local church and walking, en-masse, to school.

Not only that, but on the last day, we will be focussing our attention on our friends at Mang'ang'a Primary School in Kenya as we raise much needed funds for them by:

  • paying to come to school dressed as animals
  • running 1 mile in the afternoon – a fraction of the distance most of their pupils walk each day
  • bringing in all the trainers and plimsolls that our children have outgrown, to be sent to Kenya to make that long walk more comfortable.

Happy Olympic week!