The Community Sports Leadership Award pupils at Grange Academy Secondary School in Kilmarnock, Scotland have come up with the idea of showcasing some of their coaching, school achievements and other activities in the PE department as symbols of the Olympic and Paralympics values. They selected various photographs that have been taken at the school or at trips that encompass these values:

Respect - This is a picture of a group of S1-S3 pupils from a wide range of backgrounds attending a golf coaching clinic. The pupils had been selected for this as they had various behavioural issues and this course was a reward for good behaviour in and out of school. These pupils had total respect for the coach and learnt basic golf swings, rules of the game, etiquette and this has definitely helped them in school and improved there golf performance.

Excellence - This is a picture of 3 of the U14's Grange Academy football team that just won the Scottish Cup in May. This photo was taken in the changing rooms just after receiving the shield. It was a remarkable achievement as over 300 schools enter this competition.

Friendship - This is a picture of 3 primary pupils receiving there medals after sports day. The happy faces show real friendship which beams out of the photo.

Determination - This is a picture of Rachel coaching Faith an Annanhill Primary 5 pupil how to serve in badminton. As Faith uses a wheelchair Rachel from the CSLA group spent a lot of time planning how to get Faith to achieve a serve just like her classmates. Faith showed clear determination to achieve this as did Rachel who planned her lesson really well so that everyone in the class achieved at their own level that day!

Courage - This is a photo of the S4 girls practicing a dance routine that they would perform to the whole school at the "Grange has Talent" day to raise money for Children in Need. The girls wanted to make it a really challenging performance and pushed themselves to come up with a exciting, creative and inspiring routine. They performed this routine later that day to 800 peers/staff and parents and got a standing ovation. There courage and hard work certainly paid off.

Equality - This is a photograph of a CSLA lesson where the pupils are working in pairs. One pupil is blindfolded and the partner gives instructions on how to go through an obstacle course. This is to show the pupils the barriers that blind pupils have every minute of the day, to learn how to trust someone else, and to use communication to help achieve any task. It is also a great way to build up teamwork.

Inspiration - This is a photo of the S2 school football team at Hampden Park watching the Scotland International Team train. They also got to meet the players and manager. The players were fantastic with the pupils and it truly was an inspiring day for every one of the pupils.

We hope to win this workshop competition as we would dearly love to improve our knowledge in coaching and win a film workshop with Ade Adepitan!