After several years of Get Set projects looking at healthy lifestyles and healthy eating, Paralympic sports and sports new to the Olympic Games we decided to look this year at the role of sport in promoting positive mental health and personal well being. We have decided to call it 'Give me Five!'. Hopefully over the week, which include International Olympic Day, the children will learn the message of how their physical health, healthy eating and mental well being all link together to promote happiness and a positive vibe in their lives. Our plan is for the children to rotate around activities that are themed throughout the week culminating in a well being day on the Friday which will involve parents and carers throughout the day. The whole School Sport Week will hopefully inspire the children and their parents and carers to use Physical Education, Leisure and school sport much more intentionally to promote wellbeing and support their personal development of young people. The final activity day will involve parents in looking at their Well Being Passports from the week, the booklets they will have been adding to as they progress through the week and then take part in activities with their responsible adult on the Friday.

There will be key messages about how to 'be in the moment' both in sport and life and how this relates to their health and sport. How Acts of Random and thoughtful giving and Kindness, (A.R.K.S - one of the 'Give me five' focai), helping and supporting other people, and working with others towards a shared goal whether this is in sport or class can build mental resilience. They will also be looking at how learning can boost self-confidence and self-esteem discussing how they feel when they solve a maths problem or hit a tennis ball over the net for the first time and help build a sense of purpose and connection with others. Finally our message will be about regular physical activity being important both in and out of school and how this improves your physical wellbeing but it also causes chemical changes in the brain which can help to positively change your mood, too. All this will be shared with pupils, staff and parents and carers through the week and again on that final 'Fitness Friday' as part of our Olympic Day celebrations.

We see this as an opportunity to look at how sport has given a focus to many people in dark times showcasing many of the ex military men and women who have used the benefits of sport to improve their mental health and physical well being supporting this with video footage and interviews with those who have been to the Paralympic Games and Invictus games and their messages as well as the Olympic and Paralympic values.