Before the London 2012 Games, virtually all Get Set schools had already undertaken activities related to the Paralympic Games and the Paralympic Values.

Students of all ages and abilities have been inspired by the Values and their new-found knowledge of Paralympic sport and Paralympians to try out new sports, take on new challenges and reassess their attitudes towards disability:

'Students of all age groups involved are inspired by what they can achieve and understand the importance of the Olympic and Paralympic Values in their everyday lives. They have developed a greater awareness of disability sport and people in the community with disabilities.' (Teacher, Dyke House Sports and Technology College.)

'Everybody is equal. It doesn't matter what colour you are or which country you come from you should be respectful to other people.' (Year 4 pupil, Edgewick Community Primary School.)

'For those who don't usually get involved 'new' sports give them the encouragement to take part, as it's a level playing field. They don't feel they have to play the experts.' (Teacher, Greenhill special School)

We are very keen for this interest in the Paralympic Games and the Values that underpin the Paralympic movement to continue to flourish in schools. Sebastian Coe, Chair of the London 2012 Organising Committee has said that the London 2012 Paralympic Games changed attitudes towards disability, not just over that amazing summer, but forever. With your help these more positive attitudes towards disability amongst young people can continue.

Here are just some of the ways in which Get Set schools used the inspiration of the Paralympic Games and the Paralympic Values of equality, determination, inspiration and courage to promote greater equality, integration and inclusion in their own schools and school clusters; why not give it a go?

  • Introducing Paralympic sports such as Goalball, Boccia and Sitting Volleyball into their PE/sport and extra-curricular programmes. You'll find practical ideas and guidance for introducing new sports in the suggested classroom activities which can be found in the resources area of the site
  • Using the Paralympic Value of determination to help students who may struggle to access or engage with the curriculum to try something new such as a Paralympic sport, or new roles such leading, organising or volunteering 
  • Using the Paralympic Values to help students set and achieve their own targets 
  • Making links with schools internationally and running joint projects inspired by the Paralympic Values
  • Providing opportunities for students for all abilities to take on leadership roles and to help organise and run projects and events in collaboration with other local schools 
  • Encouraging and supporting students with disabilities to take the lead in teaching their peers a Paralympic sport, or in leading and organising
  • Inviting a Paralympian in to school to work on activities to promote the Values and increase participation in sport and fitness related activities.