UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) has today launched another virtual and interactive video in its ‘Inspired by...’ series to support teachers and parents to inspire primary school children. The video focuses on equality as an important value within sport, and features Ali Jawad, Paralympic Powerlifter and Silver Medallist. The free resource can be accessed via the UKAD website right here on Get Set(!) alongside our Spirit of Sport resources.

 As part of the Clean Sport Week Ready for the Games campaign, UKAD has released the new video with Ali Jawad as he talks about his experience as an athlete, and equality as a Paralympic Value. Ali, who is currently preparing for the Tokyo 2020 Games, gives an exclusive insight into how equality has shaped his personal life and sporting career. He provides top tips, encouraging primary school students to treat others as they wish to be treated, and to be conscious of other’s abilities when organising group activities – an important message and one to remember!

The video delivers some pertinent lessons on inclusivity, respect and kindness for primary aged children. They are also encouraged, during the six-minute video, to take part in a short physical activity section where they learn about Ali’s sport, Powerlifting.

The video also links to Get Set and UKAD’s Spirit of Sport resources which are available free to teachers and for learning at home. Including active games and learning ideas, the resources build core PE and oral literacy skills while further exploring the video’s themes of equality and other core values for sport and life. Together these resources provide multiple activities to help children aged 7–11 build an understanding of fair play in sport, the classroom and the home, helping them to make positive and healthy choices both on and off the field of play.

Get inspired today! 


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