In the run up to the London 2012 Torch Relays, Get Set invited schools and colleges across the UK to nominate young people who had achieved truly amazing things in their lives to become Torchbearers. We were awed and inspired by the hundreds of stories we read about young people who had overcome huge personal difficulty, who had worked tirelessly to befriend and help others or who in many other ways were the personification of the Olympic and Paralympic Values.

The nomination below from a teacher who was inspired by one of her pupils is a typical example:

Izzy is a young lady who lives with a number of potentially limiting disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, Hemiplegia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. However, these conditions in no way describe or define her. Years ago Izzy was dependent on adults and was electively mute. But with encouragement and support, she has developed a tenacious and optimistic attitude, now boasting an incredible degree of personal independence, becoming extremely sociable and vocal, and even representing her peer group as a member of the school council! But it is in respect to Izzy's physical achievements that I have been most impressed. Despite her conditions and using a wheelchair, Izzy has become a competent swimmer, a skilful participant in football and a regular attendee of extra-curricular sports clubs. I believe that Izzy is an outstanding representative of the school and the Get Set network because she embodies many aspects of the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements and for me it is her unfailing courage, determination and positivity that stand out and inspire others to reach their personal best.

Here is Bilal's story about carrying the Olympic Flame:

My journey to the Olympic Torch Relay began when I took part in projects on the Olympic Values in school. I believed in these Values to help my school work and sports activities and my school nominated me as a Torchbearer. It seemed ages before I finally heard I was in the Torch Relay and that my route was along Tottenham High Road, past the famous Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. I had no words to describe what I felt when going home from school that day. I carried on my training and watched the Relay on television which made me more excited. I was up really early on the amazing day to prepare for my leg of the Relay on Wednesday 25 July. I waited with my dad and two teachers from school and knew my mum, family and friends would be along the route. I was over the moon with joy when the Olympic Torch was handed to me and as I ran past Tottenham Stadium, I wanted to grab the fire and keep the Flame forever. It still burns within me and I know that I will have a great future thanks to the Olympic Torch Relay and my school for choosing me.