When I got back to Ling Bob Primary School I contacted the school and asked if we could be one of the schools involved in the programme. So I was delighted last week when one of the batons arrived in the post! To find out where the other batons are visit "http://www.st-breock.cornwall.sch.uk/index.php/olympics/olympic-legacy(http://www.st-breock.cornwall.sch.uk/index.php/olympics/olympic-legacy)":http://www.st-breock.cornwall.sch.uk/index.php/olympics/olympic-legacy Ling Bob received the Respect Baton from St Breock school in Cornwall. It is one of seven batons, each with an Olympic or Paralympic value which will be passed round as many schools as possible between now and Rio 2016. We hijacked Mrs Merriman's Assembly to make a very special announcement, first we passed the baton around all the children and adults in the assembly. Watch the video "here(Mrs Merriman's Assembly)":http://shareit.yhgfl.net/calderdale/lingbob/wp-content/uploads/Baton-Assembly.mp4 or "here.(Mrs Merriman's Assembly)":http://www.schoolstube.com/asset/view/id/2228/code/ca287e The baton ended up with six specially chosen Year 5 children who were told they were to take the baton to Spain. In fact the school is Colegio Internationales, Meres in Oviedo, we established links with the school during the Olympics and exchanged e-mail but have not actually met. Our trip is planned for late April, we plan to fly to Barcelona and while there visit the Olympic Stadium and Museum, the children will get lots of opportunity to practice their Spanish and complete educational activities. From there we will fly to Oviedo in northern Spain and spend a full day in Colegio Internationales where we will present the baton, explain the story of the baton and spend time in classes to learn about school in Spain. Prior to the visit the six children and three staff will undertake additional studies to improve their Spanish language, their knowledge and understanding of the culture and plan a series of ICT presentations to deliver in an assembly in Spain. We plan to contact the Spanish Embassy in London, we are talking to an airline to arrange flights, we have approached the Calderdale Foundation for a grant and we will be working hard to raise funds for the trip. We are also planning to visit schools in our family to share the baton with them and we are looking for a school to pass the baton to on our return from Spain. You can follow our progress on the school website "here(Ling Bob website)":http://www.lingbobschool.ik.org/(http://www.lingbobschool.ik.org/):http://lingbobschool.ik.org/ and on the school blog "here.(Ling Bob blog)":http://shareit.yhgfl.net/calderdale/lingbob/(http://shareit.yhgfl.net/calderdale/lingbob/):http://shareit.yhgfl.net/calderdale/lingbob/