Thanks to Erasmus+ and The Bristish Council we have recieved funding to visit 4 countries who have hosted the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This year's International Olympic Day event at our school will have a 'Keeping the Legacy Alive' focus for our project, the main focus for countries will be Spain, Italy, GB, Greece and Japan. Over 1100 pupils will take part in the opening ceremony and throughout the week will learn about theirs and the other countries. The pupils from 4 of the countries have already started writing to each other via letter, passports and postcards. They have just had their first video chat with an exciting question and answer session, our pupils are really keen to hear about how the pupils from these countries are 'Keeping the Legacy alive' in their own country. Our Olympic and Paralympic Pupil Team are being proactive in orgainsing our International Olympic and Paralympic Day, they are organising intra games of football, athletics, netball, rugby, athletics, Hockey, New Age Kurling and Boccia. The images shows our Olympic and Paralympic Pupil Team with teachers from our school and teachers from our European Partners schools.