The Get Set team is happy to present a new addition to our Get Set+ programmes. Boing is an exciting new physical literacy initiative which creates a playful and inclusive environment for primary school PE.

Keen to combat obesity and build on the Olympic and Paralympic legacy, the programme aims to build young people's confidence and creativity through active play. Developing from exciting research carried out at Oxford Brookes University, Boing works with schools to create the best physical education possible.

Boing involves highly skilled 'Boingers' working in your school in timetabled PE time to provide training to all teachers on how to use their existing skills to deliver the highest quality PE. As well increasing teachers' confidence, Boing offers an entire Key Stage one and two curriculum made up of 108 bespoke PlayGames rather than sports, for the children to play and learn from.

100% of teachers say they can deliver Boing confidently with their class and 82% of young people have reported a more positive experience of physical education after taking part in Boing activities.

To find out more about Boing and what they can offer you and your school, have a look at the Boing website.

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