Here are some amazing facts about London 2012: 

  • 45 World Records
  • 15 million people lined the streets 
  • 302 Gold medals in total 
  • 5 million online followers 
  • 235,000 spectators in the Olympic Park on the busiest day 
  • Team GB takes seven Gold medals from 10 events in the Velodrome.

You could share these with your students, then, as a topic for debate or as an introduction to a new Values-related project or assembly, ask the students to give examples of how they think the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games reflected the Values. You could take each of the Values in turn and ask them to match a moment, fact or memory about London 2012 to that particular Value e.g. Team GB winning six Gold medals on one day ('Super Saturday') is a great example of excellence while David Weir's comment that he was having to dig deep to keep winning his races showed huge determination.

Include some of the news stories featuring Games Makers, organisers and Torchbearers etc. who helped make London 2012 so successful in your discussions. How do their stories reflect the Values?