Hometown: Leamington Spa
Sport: Wheelchair Rugby
Event: Men's team
Games: Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016

In 2000, Mandip Sehmi was in a car crash which left him with a spinal injury. Whilst recovering at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, he was introduced to Wheelchair Rugby by Bob O'Shea, the captain of the Wheelchair Rugby team. Wheelchair Rugby is such a physical, tough sport, it has become known as 'Murderball'.

After a year of training with his local team, Mandip was scouted for a four week World Friendship Tour in which a development GB squad travelled around the world with Haslemere RC, a non-disabled rugby team. They competed in San Diego, Singapore, Sydney and Cape Town, and the tour was the changing point in Mandip's life, helping him to realise he had no limitations.

Mandip first played for the British team in 2005 at the European Championships in Denmark. It was then that he decided firmly that he wanted to compete at the very top level of the game. He made his Paralympic debut in the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Wheelchair Rugby team which he described as a great moment in his career. The team came fourth.

Mandip competed in the Wheelchair Rugby team at London 2012. Although the team did not win a medal, they received tremendous support from the home crowd. On Manni's third Games appearance at Rio 2016, Great Britain face tough competition and finished in fifth place.

Mandip enjoys Wheelchair Rugby because it is a contact sport played at a fast pace. He is also a big football fan and supports Liverpool.