Get Set's new resource, the Mascot Challenge, helps students to create their own mascot design for ParalympicsGB, for the chance to see it displayed at ParalympicsGB House in the athletes’ village at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games! (Now being held in the summer of 2021!)

"The resource has great links with PSHE. The ParalympicsGB element is very appropriate for the mutual respect and inclusion parts of PSHE and the British values work done in school." 

Mr K Corral, Teacher

With differentiated resources for primary and secondary age groups, the resources are split into two parts, the first exploring Olympic and Paralympic mascots – their purpose, design and meaning – and the second focusing on the challenge of creating an original mascot for ParalympicsGB – exploring the ParalympicsGB brand, their athletes, what it represents and guiding students through the design process.

The resources are designed to be flexible, so either part can be used independently, whether in an assembly or in the classroom, or can be combined to allow students a broader understanding of mascots from around the world and the Paralympic Movement. Each resource includes optional active learning tasks, helping to minimise sedentary classroom behaviour and engage students in their learning. 

"I really like the active parts of the PowerPoints. These would be an ideal way to link to the active nature of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which works nicely in this assembly about the Games." 

Mr L Sturrock, Teacher


Get Set would love to see any and all mascot designs you create for ParalympicsGB. Due to the delay in the Tokyo 2020 Games and ongoing school closures, we have extended the deadline for sending in your mascots, and created new supporting resources to help students and families take part at home! Finished designs can be sent to Get Set by 31 May 2020 for the chance to be one of selected designs displayed at ParalympicsGB House in the athletes’ village at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and win some signed Team GB or ParalympicsGB kit!

Mascot designs should be sent to Get Set using the design sheet provided in the resources.They can be designed using any medium, for example hand drawn, produced with computer-aided design or modelled in 3D with a photograph of the model included on the design sheet. (Please note: do not send through original 3D models, as we will not be able to transport these to Japan!)

We look forward to seeing your designs by 31 May 2020!

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