The students of 8LSL worked together to complete a variety of charity challenges.

What is the mile challenge? And why are we doing it?

We want to tell you about each of our activities and discuss our chosen charity!

To complete the challenge, we have to do a mile or more and get sponsors. All the money we raise will go to a charity of our choice, such as Wish upon a Dream – a charity that grants wishes for sick and terminally ill children living on the island e.g. redoing their bedroom or a trip to Disney land.


The challenges

We tried a mix of different activities. For example:

  • Kayaking
  • River walking
  • Running
  • Swimming – one student did 192 lengths of butterfly. This took two hours to complete and was the equivalent of three miles!
  • Diving
  • Horseriding
  • Hill walking on Peel Hill


Completing each of these challenges took resilience, commitment, teamwork and good time management. Check out our presentation to find out more.