For some of our children the excitement started way before the parade because they had never been on a train. There were lots of questions about the Olympic Games and what the athletes that we were going to see actually won medals for. We were some of the first people to arrive at Albert Square which gave the children an excellent opportunity to see into the TV 'studio' boxes and to watch the last parts of the stage construction.

Matthew (Year 6) said that his 'best bit' was "The surroundings because it was amazing." Our vantage point was also ideally placed in front of one of the big screens so that when the parade started, the children had an ideal view. Abraham (Year 4) said "The parade was very amazing with all the people from the Olympic and Paralympic Games." Scarlett (Year 6) enjoyed the parade because "There was lots of colour."

Just as the children were beginning to become restless and ask when the Olympians were going to arrive, Kaiser Chiefs came on stage and really gave the atmosphere a boost. All we needed then was golden wigs and the athletes to arrive. Zara (Year 3) said that her best bit was "Getting the shiny hair." At last the parade began and Jessica (Year 4) said it was "Very, very exciting. My first time ever to see famous Olympians right in front of me!" and Dola (Year 5) said "Amazing. It was so much fun." Her best bit was "Seeing Jessica Ennis Hill." Other children were also looking out for their own favourite hero. Alex (Year 6) said his best bit was "Seeing the Brownlee brothers." and Gracie (Year 4) is a huge fan of Ellie Simmonds so her best bit was obviously when she came on stage. Zara summed up the whole event for everyone when she said that her Olympic Parade experience was "Gold, Silver and Bronze. It was fantastic!"