Get Set caught up with Rebecca Chambers, upper Key Stage 2 phase leader, class teacher and PE Coordinator at Bowes Primary School in New Southgate. Bowes introduced the Road to Rio app over the summer term, launching it at their annual 'Be Active Week', and through Rebecca's championing of Get Set, the whole got school involved. By the end of term, the team had travelled 2,500km out of their 9,298km journey from London to Rio using the app!
The school also introduced their own 'Passport to Play', for the pupils to track their own activity for the app outside of school.

Here's what Rebecca had to tell us about her experience with Get Set's Road to Rio.

What's the most rewarding aspect of being a teacher?
Having that impact of knowing you are shaping what a child is going to be like. As a teacher, you have that influence to be a very positive role model. It's nice when the pupils say, 'I want to be a teacher like you when I grow up.' When you see a child doing something they haven't been able to do and it clicks, you're like, 'That's why I do this job.' They get frustrated and then it's, 'Yes, I can do it.'

What inspired you to go into PE and sport?
My PE and sports teachers were so positive, and I think that's why I went down the sport and PE route. And I've always liked sport. My mum was a PE teacher and my family have always been very sporty. We were always encouraged to do the things that we wanted to do.

Does that tie in with promoting healthy, active lifestyles at school for you?
It's an important part of my life and I try and inspire the pupils here to be the same. Sport and PE might not be for all them but that doesn't necessarily mean they can't lead healthy, active lifestyles. I try and get everyone involved and all the staff do lots to get involved too.

How did you first hear about Get Set?
I was invited to the initial research sessions on the project and I was really impressed. I thought, 'Yes, this could work for us.' I know there are other parts of the programme and resources we haven't used yet. I have lots of ideas I'd like to try with the resources.

How would you describe Get Set?
It's motivating and inspiring seeing the ways to get children involved, and it's fun!

What's been your favourite activity as part of Get Set's Road to Rio?
We held a Road to Rio day where our pupils planned their activities and measured out the distances. We got everyone involved and it encompassed everything we wanted it to be. We had the usual sack races and egg and spoon, as well as water carrying races, hula hooping, and walks to the park.

What do you think has been your school's greatest Get Set achievement?
Getting everyone involved using the app for our school's 'Be Active Week' and managing to travel 2,500 kilometres. I was really happy that we managed to do that, and I think it shows that everyone getting involved is what helped us achieve it. Having 550 kids all do something, it soon adds up. And now I'm starting to think about what else we can do to get the whole school involved next year.

If you could give any piece of advice to a new Get Set teacher what would it be?
Give it a go. Try it. Make it work for you. We've done things in our own way and it's worked well for us. Take what you can from the website; every school's going to be different. When I first looked at the Road to Rio challenge I thought, 'We're never going to do it.' And I'm really glad we gave it a go, because of what we achieved as a team and the distance we travelled for the app. I would just say, 'Use what you already have and give it a go. Adapt it so it works for your school.'

Did you find it easy to adapt?
Yes. It was really easy to do that. It's great that everything is flexible for us to be able to do what suits us and fits in with us.

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