My challenge was to create Get Set, the official education programme for London 2012; and build the right team to deliver it. Our mission was to use the excitement of the London 2012 Games to inspire schools to join us on the journey and, above all to help young people live the Olympic and Paralympic Values. We wanted to create a dynamic and sustainable programme that would support and encourage young people to aim high and be the best that they could be.

This role has completely validated my belief that young people are a positive force for good, and it has demonstrated to me how powerful strong values can be as a basis for helping young people to develop and realise their potential.

The scale of engagement with Get Set has turned out to be phenomenal. Over 90% of schools in the UK used our resources; and two-thirds of all schools went all the way and joined our Get Set network. And there are thousands of individual stories of how young people have been inspired through the programme to take on new and positive challenges.

One of the things that will always stay with me was watching 2000 young people from Get Set schools forming a guard of honour for the Olympic athletes as they walked from the Olympic Village to the Stadium on Opening Ceremony night - fantastic!

I'd like to say a very big thank you to all the teachers and pupils who engaged so enthusiastically with Get Set and who made Get Set such a success story. I'm really pleased that the BOA, in partnership with the BPA, will now take Get Set on to the next stage and that the Get Set community can continue - all the way through to 2016, and beyond!'

Rio 2016 has already shared some of their plans for their education programme with us, and I'm a bit jealous! They are just starting out - I think they are going to have an incredible journey to 2016!