Hometown: Leeds
Sport: Boxing
Event: Women's
Games: London 2012, Rio 2016

Women's Boxing was included in the Olympic programme for the first time at London 2012. Nicola won the Gold medal in the flyweight class, becoming the first British female boxer to win a medal at any Olympic Games. At Rio 2016 Nicola successfully defended here title, making her the first British boxer to successfully defend their Olympic title for 92 years!

Nicola started boxing at the age of 12. She used to go to the gym with her mum and thought boxing looked fun so she joined in. This is where she met her first boxing coaches, Steven Franks and Leroy Brown.

Since 2002, Nicola has won a string of medals both at home and abroad and in October 2007, she became the first female boxer to bring back a medal in a major tournament.

Nicola enjoys being a role model and looks forward to working with young people in the future: "To think I am a role model because of doing my sport is an honour and a great achievement. My love of boxing has brought this to life."

Nicola also has a passion for scuba diving and stunt acting, and has worked as an extra on Emmerdale and Coronation Street.