This years Olympic day celebration will again be a part of the Schools Sports week including the Sports days for all age groups and parents activities in school to encourage families to be active together. We are focusing activities around Playground Games.

This Summer London will be hosting the World Para Athletics Championships and IAAF World Championships. It will be the biggest event to be staged at the London Stadium since the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the first time that the World Championships have been held in the same city in the same year. We want to build on our own Olympic Legacy that continues through the use of the Olympic Values in School in our behaviour policy and approach to collaborative learning in school by helping children get active and excited about this summer's biggest sporting event.

The aim of our Olympic day activities is to combine the celebrations of sport through the week with each class and their sports leaders learning and teaching to others a game that can be played at Lunchtimes or breaks. Each class will experience six new sporting activities that can be adapted to become a playground game. the Sports Ambassadors will then be tasked with leading these activities at lunch and break times with the support of Staff on duty and the Mid day Supervisors.

Activities include and adaptation of Hop Scotch to incorporate the triple jump and sit down Volley Ball from the Paralympics; Hula Hoop challenge linking with Rhythmic gymnastics and Spud ball based on a version of Hand Ball. Parents are invited to attend the day and children will go home with activity cards that allow them to play the games at home in their garden or at the local park with their parents, families and friends.