On Tuesday the children at Oxley Park Academy in Milton Keynes joined together to create the Olympic Rings. This was to celebrate International Olympic Day. The children then took part in a range of sporting and craft activities throughout the day.

During the Olympic and Paralympic Games each class in school did a mini topic on the Games and Rio. We explored this through looking at the Values and what those meant and how these are transferred through all areas of our learning.

Some of the most valuable work and discussion came through our work on the Paralympic Games. Earlier in the year we had had a visit from Paralympian Sean Rose who had been an inspiration to the children, explaining how he had overcome his accident and gone on to achieve great things. During the topics many classes tried out seated Boccia and Goalball (played with blindfolds) and explored their thoughts and feelings about how they felt without sight or mobility. The Values also cross over with our own school 6 C's Courageous, Co-operative, Conscientious, Curiosity, Caring and Courteous.