Hello from Petersfield Infant School in Hampshire! We're a large infant school with 12 classes and 360 children in total. Our plan for Sports Relief on Friday 13th March, is to encourage each child to come to school dressed in sports wear and trainers, donating £1 to Sport Relief to do so. The reason for this is that our children (aged 4-7) will be running the first ever 'Petersfield Infant School Half Marathon!' Our PE coordinator will take each class individually to run our 'Daily Mile' course. 27 laps of the playground is equal to one mile and each class will complete their 27 laps, one class at a time. That will take us, as a whole school, to 12 miles. We will then open our school gates 20 minutes before the end of the day, to any parents who would like to join the PE coordinator and any other members of staff, in running the last 1.1 miles to complete the Petersfield Infant School Half Marathon. We are really excited about this! We have several members of teaching staff, senior leadership and the PE coordinator in full swing training for spring marathons at present, and we are really trying to pass on our passion for fitness and exercise to the children in our school.