The day a child learns to cycle is an incredible experience that will stay with them for a lifetime. As for their parents, seeing it click in their child’s mind, before they ride off independently, is a moment many will cherish. But honing a young child’s limited coordination skills to become a seasoned cyclist can be a challenge.

That’s why British Cycling, together with HSBC UK and the Youth Sports Trust, has launched a brand new scheme called Ready Set Ride to make it easier for parents, school staff and carers to help children to develop this essential skill. Children will master coordination, core balance, speed control, safety and, most of all, confidence. The lessons start with a balance bike, but progress to full-fledged pedal bikes.

Using an interactive microsite and free mobile app, children can learn through play. There’s easy-to-follow video guides for both parents/teachers/carers, and the children themselves. To top it all off, there’s over 20 games to make the learning as interactive as possible.

If you are part of a school, club or community group, you can take advantage of the 32 all-weather cards that allow you to take the games anywhere. And the best thing? It’s free! Anyone can pick up this fun and engaging resource to create a generation of happy, confident young cyclists.

To take a look at HSBC UK Ready Set Ride in action at a school, click the button below!

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