Our year 4 class were lucky enough to be VIPs at the Olympic/Paralympic Heroes celebrations in Trafalgar Square. From seeing their heroes on a display board in the classroom, we saw them in real life!

When I told the children about the trip one child had his mouth wide open in disbelief for at least 2-3 minutes! When we arrived, we were lead to the front of the stage and had amazing views of all the athletes. One very excited pupil said that: "It was the best day of my life!" The children waved their flags and giant foam hands for over an hour and a half. Several children lost their voices as hero after hero was introduced. Our pupils were interviewed and appeared on BBC and ITV London News. The next day one interviewee handed out pre-cut up autographs. The envy of the school, we had a fabulous time and are inspired to work hard and achieve in all things.

Thank you GET SET!

Year 4 Holmleigh