In December 2019, our newly formed ‘Sports Organising Crew’ planned and delivered The Bleep Test for years 2-6. The ‘crew’, formed of organisers, advertisers and journalists, worked together to put on the events to encourage and motivate our children to stay active and promote physical activity. The advertisers promoted the events via assemblies and posters; the organisers made sure everything was in place and set up for the events and the journalists reported on the events. Below is a section of the report written by the journalists: “At 10.40, the competitors, all closely packed together, prepared to start. As the bleeps got faster, slowly competitors couldn’t make it. As time went on, only the faster runners made it. By level 9, only Charlie and Sam remained.” After the success of their first event, the Sports Organising Crew look forward to putting on more events throughout the year for all our children to take part in.