We have a whole week of sport and International Olympic Day falls within it every year. On the 22nd the day before we are holding an opening ceremony and the children are going on a 'participants parade' where each team will parade holding a flag like the beginning of the Olympics. They will then take part in a number of challenges linked to Olympic sports such as tennis & volleyball and some Paralympic sports such as boccia. Then on the 23rd we are holding our traditional competitive sports day to honour International Olympic Day. We will have medals for the winners and podiums for the top 3 in each race. Further activities in the week such as the heptathlon where children compete in their house teams at 7 different athletic field and track events also help to honour the Olympics. The closing ceremony is a real highlight to the week, we give out trophies and wristbands linked to the 6 school games values which are very close to Olympic Values.