We are very keen that the excellent work already undertaken by many teachers working tirelessly to embed Get Set and the Values into the life of the whole school should continue.

From what we have learned so far we know that buy in from the senior leadership team is a hugely important factor in the success and sustainability of Values-led initiatives. For those teachers who have spearheaded Get Set and the Values as a tool for improvement, more or less as a lone voice/department in your school, or who are relatively new to Get Set, here are some top tips which we hope will help you spread the word amongst your colleagues.

  1. Be determined to carry on your good work; the Values are relevant even without the added inspiration of being the Host Nation; there are other global sporting events to focus on such as Glasgow 2014, the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, The Youth Olympic Games and so on.
  2. Talk to one of your colleagues in a different department, year group or class today about a successful Get Set project your students have enjoyed and suggest they check out the website. There are projects covering a broad range of subjects including Literacy, STEM, Humanities, Arts, Citizenship and personal development, Enterprise and PE/sport.
  3. Talk to your teacher governors about Get Set and Values-led teaching and learning, and ask them to arrange for you and/or a group of students to give a short presentation at a governors' meeting.
  4. Present a short paper outlining the benefits of Get Set and Values-led activities to the next meeting of the senior leadership team.
  5. Ask for a 10-minute slot at the next staff meeting and 'pitch' the idea, or suggest ways of building on from the success you have already achieved though Get Set and Values-led activities.
  6. Ask to attend the next meeting of your student voice/council and discuss the programme with the students and ask for their help in talking to their year groups or classes about Get Set and the Values.
  7. If you haven't already done so, why not encourage and support the students you're working with to become Values Leaders who could then help you raise the profile of Values-led and Games inspired activities across the school and in other schools?
  8. Network! Email a colleague in another local school and recommend Get Set. Describe a successful project or activity you have run and suggest a joint project focused on the Values.
  9. Make an appointment with the Head to discuss your ideas.
  10. Brush up on your own knowledge of Get Set and make sure you know how to direct interested colleagues to the most relevant Values-led projects and ideas.

We are confident that once you have engaged the interest of at least one colleague/faculty others will follow and good practice inspired by the Values will spread. That is certainly the experience of Get Set schools so far.

This comment from a Headteacher is typical:

"As a result of Get Set and the Games you get teachers in all subjects coming up with really great ideas on how they can link the Values in. One idea then leads to another and there's no stopping their imagination."