Although the children couldn't pick a favourite (they loved both sports!), I think Badminton was our strongest sport of the two. Rally records were made by Ava (25) and Charlie (20) - the Y9 young leaders were very impressed. Great coaching tips meant that the children made super progress in a short amount of time. Kiera needs a special mention as the young leaders think she could play on a team - they were even giving her match playing tips by the end of the session!
Table Tennis was great fun. The boys found it hard not to smash the ball too hard. This resulted in the young leaders running around retrieving pinging and ponging balls! Alfie and Connor were both surprised that they were sweating when playing, "We didn't know we'd have to move so much!"
What a great afternoon, thoroughly enjoyed by all. THANK YOU to Mrs Joyce and the Y9 Sports Leaders - you've introduced us to Olympic sports that we haven't tried before.