Hometown: Redcar, North Yorkshire
Sport: Wheelchair Basketball
Event: Men's team
Games: Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016

Terry is one of the most experienced players in Wheelchair Basketball having competed in four Paralympic Games - Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and London 2012.

At the early age of 2, Terry's left leg was amputated when it was revealed he was born without a tibia and fibula. It wasn't until he was 13 years old Terry started playing Wheelchair Basketball when given the opportunity during an open day in Middlesbrough with the Teeside Lions.

Terry quickly earned his spot with the GB under-23 team and made his Paralympic debut at just 16 years of age in Sydney. He feels his greatest moment in the sport was the team's bronze medal success at the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing.

Terry has travelled the world, playing for different clubs across Europe including C.D. Fundosa in Spain. He returned to the UK to play for Super League Club Sheffield Steelers where he still remains.

Although disappointed by defeat to the USA at London 2012 resulting in ParalympicGB's 4th place finish, Terry describes London 2012 as the greatest Paralympics and strongly believes the Games have provided a foundation to grow the sport further.

The following questions were prepared by students at St. John's CE Primary School, Derbyshire.

Which Paralympic Values do you feel you want to fulfill the most?

I just hope for a Paralympic legacy and that future Paralympics are as great and supported as well as London was.

What is your favourite food after you have been competing?

It's pasta for me always - oh and don't forget the vegetables

What other sports do you play?

When I was young I played football but now my spare time is rest and family time.

Who is your favourite coach and why?

I've had many coaches but the coach we have now , Haj Bhania, is my favourite. He has coached me for many years including junior level for GB.

Was the Germany game in London your favourite game?

The Germany one was a great game but the Turkey game was the best for me because a quarter final is always the hardest game and the support we had was amazing.

When did you first play for Great Britain Wheel Chair Basketball Team?

My first major was when I was 16 years old at the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games but I represented GB at 14 in the Under 23 Team

Who has inspired you in your life?

I've always been sports crazy so there are many sportsmen I've been inspired by, number one would be Michael Jordan.

Has being disabled allowed you to take up any sports you wouldn't have otherwise tried?

There are many great sports out there for disabled people to try, every sport has a place for a disabled athlete.

Is your wheelchair for basketball different to your everyday chair?

A sports chair is different to a day chair. They are bigger and turn faster and built to be very strong. A day chair is for comfort.

Have you ever been injured while playing? If so what's your worst injury?

Here goes - I've had a broken right thumb, a broken left thumb, and tendons torn in my shoulder, a broken wrist and an operation on my wrist to fix cartilage damage. The worst was my wrist operation because it was before London and was a very difficult moment not knowing if I would make it to London.

Is there an ambition you have in sport that hasn't yet been fulfilled? Or another sport you would like to play?

I've played in European Championship Finals and World Championship Finals but never a Paralympic Final. This is my ambition, my goal and my dream.

What's your favourite food?

Pizza, pizza, pizza and any toppings. There's nothing better but not too much.

How many Tattoos have you got and which is your favourite? Is that a Scotland one on your shoulder?

I have many, many tattoos. The one on my arm is a mixture of a Middlesbrough football team lion, a great Britain flag and the words England underneath. They all mean a lot to me. My favourite is my sons face, Benjamin, on my arm.

Have you ever scored a basket from half way in a game or just on You Tube?

Yes, I have! We were playing Australia in the Paralympic World Cup Final and in the last 2 seconds I scored from my own half to level the game and we won in overtime.

"Thank you all for the great questions and I hope you all love Wheelchair Basketball and Paralympic sport," Terry Bywater.