Working with the Values at the centre of personal development programmes and pastoral systems was also found to be very effective at raising aspiration, achievement and 'soft skills' such as team work, self-motivation and personal relationships.

Students of all ages and abilities told us that they could see the relevance of Values such as respect, equality, determination, friendship and excellence to their own lives, schools and communities and were keen to take on new challenges.

As a member of the leadership team at Biddenham International School and Sports College says:

'With the Values, it is more that the students have got something to aspire to. Although we keep telling them about good behaviour, when they saw what 'respect' might mean, they saw what friendship could mean and courage, determination ... they could picture themselves achieving some of these things'

At your next planning round why not put Get Set and the Olympic and Paralympic Values in the centre of your thinking? You can be confident that by doing so you will be developing concepts, skills and processes that are vital to well-rounded, happy and successful learners including:

  • Exploring and sharing their views on what the Values mean to them, their schools and communities
  • Taking an active part in school and community life inspired by the Values and the Olympic and Paralympic Games 
  • Understanding the importance of healthy, active and safe lifestyles and taking part in more sport and physical activity including trying out Olympic and Paralympic sports 
  • Developing good relationships with peers, other schools and international partners through Values-inspired joint projects and events 
  • Respecting the views and differences between people and cultures through a focus on the global aspects of sport and the Values 
  • Recognising that with rights and equality comes responsibility and respect 
  • Understanding the role of volunteering and community groups 
  • Developing and maintaining self-esteem through taking on new Values-led activities and challenges 
  • Improving presentation and communication skills through leadership inspired by the Values
  • Setting and achieving personal goals and seeing a positive future.