Woodland Primary School has a running club called Woodland Whippets. We have at least 60 children, 15 staff members, 10 parents and a mascot - Wilma the actual Whippet, involved in the club. We even have past pupils who come back to run with us. As a club, we take the children to our local 2km Park Run (Skelmersdale) and our local 5km Park Run (Ormskirk). During the Summer Term, it has been our challenge to take the children on tour and visit other 5km Park Runs. We have also taken the children to a triathlon and the Liverpool Rock and Roll 5km. In addition to this, out G&T children now represent Wigan Harriers in their competitions. We are taking them to Carlise in two weeks time for an Athletics Competition. On Olympic Day, we are going to advertise the local Park Runs within our community by getting other primary schools involved.