On the 23rd June, Woodland Primary School will be launching the 'Daily Mile'. The children (from nursery to Y6), all staff and parents will gather on the school field to celebrate the mile with the children's Rio song which they wrote and sang in a studio!

Over the past two years, running has become embedded into our school life. We currently have 48 children, from Y1 to Y6 - all abilities, in our running club - we also have parents. As well as the running club, we regularly take children to participate in 5km Park Runs. We are looking at starting one in our own town.

Previously, we took children to our closest Junior Park Run which is a 40 minute drive. We are now proud to celebrate the arrival of our own town Junior Park Run in which we participate in every week.

During the year, we have taken a group of children to participate in a number of events, such as Red Rose Cross Country, the Daffodil Doddle and the 1 mile Rock and Roll fun run. Staff have also got on board with a number of staff running the Rock and Roll Half Marathon.

Our next target is to get enough money to put a running path around the school field. This will benefit the children, staff and the community.