Recommended age group: 5–11
Time required: Varies depending on activities chosen.
Equipment: Fan Club Starter Kit for Primary Schools PDF


The Fan Club Starter Kit for Primary Schools encourages pupils to work together in teams to produce creative ideas and physical activities. We’ve divided up the activities in the Starter Kit into three different levels. 

  • Bronze activities are all about getting the Fan Club off the ground.
  • Silver activities will help pupils get other people on board. 
  • Gold activities will help get people active, inspired by our great Team GB and ParalympicsGB athletes. 

The Fan Club Starter Kit for Primary Schools includes the following worksheets:  

  • Official Get Set Fan Club Announcement 
  • Event Ideas 
  • Show Your Support 
  • Share News Template
  • Fan Club Challenges
  • Everybody Moving 
  • Fan Club Showcase Report Template 

Make it active

Encourage your Get Set Fan Club members to get people active at their launch event by designing their own bunting or having a go at some of the challenges in this Kit! 

Teacher notes

This Fan Club Starter Kit for Primary Schools asks pupils to work both independently, in groups and with their school community. Pupils will develop the ability to work as a team and enhance their deduction, mathematic and writing skills.

Support: Suggest that pupils work through the challenges in small groups, rotating in a carousel to ensure that each group gets the opportunity to complete each task with the support of others.

Challenge: Task pupils with creating a range of engaging content to showcase their Fan Club to the wider school community, whether it’s through posters or a short presentation in a school assembly. 

Take it further

Showcase pupils’ work with us on Twitter @GetSetCommunity or Instagram @GetSetClub