Recommended age group: 5–11
Time required: varies
Equipment: activity sheets provided in sets, delete any pages and activities that aren't relevant to you.


The resources below are take from various different classroom activities, but we have bundled them together into six themes for you to explore. Each download contains various PDFs, with activity guides, information sheets and activity sheets to support different activities. Read the short introduction notes below the find out more about each resource!

Get active

  • Train to win activity sheet - keep kids active at home by challenging them to try a simple activity such as star jumps, jumping jacks or line jumps (jumping from one side of a line to the other with your feet together and knees bent) each day and track their personal best. 
  • Domes and dishes - try to fun group game in the garden or living room to get active and explore the Olympic Value of respect. Use cones if available, or paper plates, books, or toys - anything that you can turn over!
  • Play Boccia - read the rules for the Paralympic sport of boccia and see if you can adapt and play a game in or outside of the house!
  • Winter team sports challenge - try these adapted (no snow required) versions of sports from the Olympic Winter Games. 

Get designing

  • Wearable colours design challenge - design a wearable product to show support for Team GB and ParalympicsGB!
  • Olympic and Paralympic Values - trace the Values written in Chinese characters and create your own Beijing 2008 inspired art!
  • Winter kit - research and design a piece of kit for an athlete at the Olympic Winter Games. 

Get the Values

  • Determination and courage bookmark - decorate a bookmark with a time you showed determination or courage.
  • Inspiration rosette - explore the things that inspire you.
  • Super friend template - what powers would a friendship super hero have?
  • Respect torch and flame - share examples of respect at home, at school and in the community and create a respect torch.

Get writing

  • Host Cities - research a former Olympic and Paralympic Games host city and create a story to share your findings. 
  • Super Saturday - read a newspaper report from Super Saturday, answer the comprehension questions then create your own news article.
  • Paralympic heroes - research and use IT to create a poster profile of a Paralympic athlete.
  • The Power of Storytelling - use this planning grid to support children in writing any story or newspaper article. 

Get historical

  • History of the Olympic and Paralympic Games - read our information guide to discover Olympic and Paralympic history. Perhaps you can create your own quiz?

Get quizzing

  • Summer Games - use this interactive presentation to test your knowledge of the Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games. 
  • Winter Games - use this interactive presentation to test your knowledge of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.