Recommended age group: 7–18
Time required: 10–45 minutes
Equipment: Rio Games infographic; art equipment, photoshop, or similar (optional).


Use this information sheet to find out more about the facts behind the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Older or more able students could then progress to create their own infographic information sheet, selecting and researching another past Olympic or Paralympic Host City and displaying the facts they discover in an eye-catching manner.

For further challenge, ask students to consider how they present their information in more detail, researching infographics as a form and why they are used in business, news and other media campaigns.

Key questions

  • What is an infographic?
  • Why do people and businesses create infographics?
  • How do you create a good infographic?
  • How can you make sure your infographic is accessible?

You may find this guide to infographics for beginners or article the purpose of infographics useful for getting students started with their research.